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  • UV vacuum plating, UV vacuum plating coating
    UV vacuum plating , UV vacuum plating coating The so-called vacuum plating UV coating is a UV-curable coatings , which is developed on the basis of UV coatings on plastics , coatings through vacuum plating processes, products do not see is ...

  • Talking about Chinas development and current status of vacuum plating equipment
    Talking about China's development and current status of vacuum plating equipment Selection of vacuum plating equipment for ensuring product quality and increase production plating efficiency crucial, detailing the program controlled gantry plating line, ring automatic plating lines an...

  • Big day for Chinese Superconducting Tokamak Project(EAST auxiliary heating system)
    Good news from Institute of Plasma Physics Chinese Academy of Sciencesat 10th, Feb. Their Superconducting Tokamak EAST auxiliary heating system pass China national acceptance. Nuclearfusion is the main solution for future energy options. For the purpose of high temperature plas...

  • Vacuum Brazing
    Some of the stronger brazed metal joints are produced by vacuum brazing furnace . Vac-Met's vacuum brazing provides leak tight joints. Minimal distortion, and maintains clean bright surfaces. Our expertise in metallurgical and vacuum processing applications allows Vac-Met to provide you ...